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     Throughout the years there have been many different  bands and styles of music. The key ingredient to

any successful band is to have fun.  Making people smile and have a good time is what Hal Denison ,

Chris and Donna Clark do best.  So they set out to create a kick ass band and "Flat Blastard" came to life.

  Hal  plays bass guitar and sings lead vocals as well as backup vocals, Chris plays lead guitar and  contributes

 lead and backup vocals, and Donna rules the Blues vocals.The next step was to find the best saxophone

and drummer in town.   A freakish stroke of luck found Jon Bybee, arguably the Inland Northwest's best sax

player without a gig, and he too joined the band.   Hal and Chris have played  music together off and on for over

21 years.   As a matter of fact it was during a tour in Canada that they met Donna but that is a different story .

(Watch for the paperback, it is sure to be a Best Seller).

     Whether practicing in the basement with family and friends or jamming at the local hot spot, "Flat Blastard" is about

creating great music and having fun.   Come on out and see for yourself.  You're going to have an awesome time.


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